The communication and marketing sector has taken on a new dimension in the last 10 years. The factors behind this change? The rise of social networks, the growing demands of Internet users, and the fact that the public is increasingly connected to the Internet, and no longer just Google, but Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Facebook.

This is where our influencers enter the equation, yes, those to whom the web has decided to give credit, because we now trust the influencers (and their reviews) we follow, more than what brands claim. Still a controversial profession (as certain people still think it’s not a real job), these brand courtiers tend to be the opinion leaders of the 21st century. In the age of “instagrammable”, they have the power to blow up likes, multiply shares, and accelerate sales with this generation adept at voyeurism, click, scroll, (un)follow and like.


Mangoo Pickle offers a new way of structuring influencer marketing. As an advertising service provider, we fully understand the issues and expectations of any brand that wishes to engage with the influencer, and can assert that we are the right intermediary between the influencer and the advertiser.


We propose to assist the talent in his or her journey towards an impactful influence, by proposing high value-added creative strategies and devices. We design powerful campaigns to generate positive feedback, generating emotionally strong support within communities.


“TANYA MAQUET, THAT’S ME! A young girl from Brussels who wants to share her love for fashion, cosmetics and cooking. Faithful to my values, I wish to transmit positive and meaningful messages to the people of my generation.”

Follow her on Instagram or Tiktok and you will laugh, smile, dance, be in a good mood and get motivated!

The Nella Show? A crazy, authentic and generous mum who shares her lifestyle but also food, fashion and cosmetic tips with us!

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