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 Season – Harvest is for audacious entrepreneurs who have understood that you harvest according to your seed. You will have support over a trimester to implement a high-impact strategy, thanks to the delivery of a monthly editorial calendar established to obtain results, as well as the delivery of visuals to publish on social networks.


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The Season – Harvest is a box containing practical tools to start or develop your project.

This box contains:

– The seed of your future plant.
(Feel free to name it… the name of your project for example…)
– Worksheets that will help you ask yourself the good questions.
(To help you grow your roots)
– A coaching session with a team member regarding storytelling and introduction to digital marketing (30 minutes).
– An Instagram feed of 3 x 24 images/publications.
–  3 x 1 hour of coaching to answer the following questions:

Some rules of social networks.
Your editorial calendar.
Your content to be published.
The management of your community.

– Editorial content strategy for 1 month with:

An analysis of your profile.
A reflection about the type of content to suggest to you.
A content proposal.
A setting up of an editorial calendar.

Time period for delivery: 2 to 8 weeks, starting from receipt of all deliverables.
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